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Casira Copes
4 min readJan 30, 2021

Thanks for stopping by. In case you didn’t read my little tagline, I’m a bisexual Black feminist who writes about things mostly related to that. I write for a couple of publications and am the Editor-in-Chief of BLK INK.
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Here is my Semi-Finalist piece from the Medium Writers Challenge:

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🌈 = queer stuff | ✊🏾 = race and/or social justice | 👑 = women and/or femme stuff | 💫 = misc.

4 Things That Aren’t Actually “Toxic” 💫

4 Types of “Feminism” to Avoid 👑

4 Ways to Deal With Queer Isolation 🌈

Advertisers Love Ethnic Ambiguity ✊🏾

Afrofantasy and the Need for Black Escapism ✊🏾

Are Role Models Still a Thing? ✊🏾

The Beauty of Black Names ✊🏾

The Biphobic Nonsense of “Straight Presenting” and Excluding Bi People From LGBTQ+ Spaces 🌈