Women in Podcasting That Helped Level Up My Finances

Anyone who is looking to learn about personal finances has likely already come across Dave Ramsey, Graham Stephan, and the plethora of other wealthy white men who want to explain to you why every financial decision you’ve ever made is wrong.

When I was first trying to navigate the world of student loans and credit cards as a college student, it was overwhelming to have so many “experts” telling me, “Do this specific thing right now or you’ll never get ahead in life!” I was stressed to the point of complete money avoidance — I didn’t even want to look at numbers.

Then I found these podcasts, and for the first time in my life my bank account has elevated way beyond my stress levels.

Bad With Money — Gaby Dunn

Since 2016, Gaby Dunn has been helping me get on my financial feet. Always well-researched, fun, and compelling, Bad With Money was instrumental in teaching me the basics of financial literacy. From the beginning, Dunn made it clear that she was learning with her listeners, and every episode feels like kicking back with a good friend.

On top of being funny and emblazoned with social justice, Dunn is a queer Jewish woman who always brings a diverse perspective to her work. She makes a point of inviting guests of various backgrounds, and recent episodes have incorporated an international focus to look at how other cultures handle money as well.

My favorite episode:Real Artists Have Day Jobs

This Is Uncomfortable — Reema Khrais

A podcast “about life and how money messes with it.” Reema Khrais is one of the best interviewers I’ve ever listened to. This Is Uncomfortable brings a uniquely human side to the often cold world of finances. Each episode she brings in a guest to tell their personal story related to money. Khrais opens the door to everything — feeling emotionally conflicted about inheriting money when a parent dies, being stuck in a financially abusive relationship, the lengths people will go to escape medical debt. Everything.

Khrais isn’t trying to tell you what to do with your life or your money. But it’s impossible not to learn from all the bits and pieces that are shared. The best part is that all of her guests are regular people with interesting stories. They could be your neighbors or coworkers. It really drives home how much money weighs on all of us in different ways.

My favorite episode:The college fund

Clever Girls Know — Bola Sokunbi

As someone who is always looking for a fellow Black woman’s perspective, the space Bola Sokunbi occupies in the world of financial literacy education is much needed. The Clever Girls Know podcast is a bit more traditional, offering financial advice and education about a variety of topics. What makes it stand out to me is the acknowledgment and awareness of the financial challenges women face. When she’s giving out financial tips, they’re not just for salaried professionals — they’re for students, single moms and aspiring business owners too.

In addition to the podcast, which is an offshoot of Sokunbi’s main website and business Clever Girl Finance, she also has a YouTube channel full of great content that features great women.

My favorite video:


Ultimately, I like that all of these women are honest about what it’s like to go from not knowing anything at all about money to feeling confident about how you handle it. Money is emotional in our society — people are raised to treat and talk about it differently, and our history with it can greatly affect our future.

Listening to these podcasts, I never feel talked down to and the hosts are never condescending. None of them purport to be experts with every answer — they are simply people who have learned a thing or two from their own mistakes and want to create a space to reflect on all things financial.

Bisexual Black Feminist | BLK INK Editor-in-Chief

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